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All lunch and snacks provided at Camp Jacobson are kosher and nut-aware. Each day, our team of staff in the kitchen prepare fresh, and hot, kid-friendly meals. At Camp Jacobson, lunch is served individually packaged, with campers and staff sitting at picnic tables outside, under tents. Our goal is for the campers and staff to eat as a family and engage in conversations, as they eat a well-balanced meal in a safe, COVID-aware environment.


Each camp day, campers are provided a morning snack (examples include graham crackers, pretzels, potato chips, etc.) to keep them energized and nourished throughout the morning activities. Additionally, at the end of the day, campers are given an end-of-day treat such as ice cream or ices. Fresh fruit is available throughout the day for campers and staff.


For campers with food allergies, our allergy coordinator works hand-in-hand with our families and Head Chef to ensure that each camper receives the right lunch and snack that meets their individual needs. 


Our daily lunch program includes:

  • An individually packaged kid-friendly main course and beverage

  • Lunch choices include:

    • Hot lunch selection (ex. Pizza, Chicken Nuggets, Breakfast For Lunch)

    • Salad with fresh greens and a selection of vegetables

    • Sandwiches that corresponds with our meal of the day (either dairy or meat)

    • Pasta (plain, with red sauce, and with margarine) is available every day

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