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Jul 15 2014

CJ Fitness

Our New Positive Health Living (PHL) program is making a tremendous impact at Camp Jacobson.   Meet our highly experienced PHL staff and hear some important tips on how to take fitness to your home. 

Shana Shapiro, Nutrition Consultant

Shana is a Registered Dietitian and Certified Diabetes Educator with a private practice in Roslyn Heights.  In addition, she is a Mom with a passion for getting families excited about eating healthier.

School  is out and camp is in!  We think of school as a place of learning and camp as a place of fun.  However, camp is actually an important place to learn life lessons and skills.  This summer, Camp Jacobson is excited to be promoting and teaching healthy behaviors to our campers in a fun and positive atmosphere.  We are going to kick off our POSITIVE HEALTH campaign by promoting two very important eating behaviors that can continue for a lifetime, increasing fruits and vegetable intake and trying new foods. 


We had a successful discussion with the group leaders and counselors who are on board with role modeling and promoting our goals.  Role models and peers largely influence children’s eating behaviors.  By encouraging healthy habits in the camp setting, the children will be more likely to follow suit.


The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics recommends 5 servings of fruits and vegetables a day for children.  A serving translates to 1 medium piece of fruit, ½ cup of fruit, 1cup raw vegetables or 2 cups leafy greens.  In the nutrition world, fruits and vegetables give you the best bang for your buck…they are full of important nutrients for health.  The bottom line is to make sure they are accessible at most meals and snacks.

Tips for POSTIVE HEALTH at home:

  • Monkey see, monkey do.  Research shows children emulate their parents eating habits.  You are the role model at home. Are you eating your 5 a day?
  • Advertise the fruits and veggies.  Keep them easily accessible (out in a bowl or cut-up and ready to eat in the fridge). Serve with dips, make fun faces out of fruit on whole grain waffles and have kids build yogurt-based smoothies with fun colored fruits!
  • Exposure is everything.  It can take 5-15 times of trying a new food for a child to accept and like it.  Many children warm up slowly to new foods and need them to be offered neutrally and regularly.
  • Make it fun.  Involving kids in the preparation and cooking of meals makes them more likely to try and like foods.   Even selecting the vegetables in their salad can be an event!

In the Future…

Another exciting way we will promote POSITIVE HEALTH this summer is by having fun in the garden.  Many of the children will participate in a Farm-to-Table experience.  They will pick, prepare and taste a variety of vegetables.  More to come!

Click here for a recipe for POSITIVE HEALTH…Homemade FroYo Pops

Heidi RoussisHeidi Roussis, Fitness Program Director

Positive Health in Motion:

Jump, Run, Bend, Stretch, Breathe and Dance…… These are just a few of the words campers are hearing every day in the Positive Health in Motion Classes. With programs for kids including Zumba for Kids, Yoga for Kids and Cardio Kids not only are we talking about being healthy, we are moving to be healthy.

Our focus is not on who is the best athlete, our focus is on how to be the best YOU! Our certified instructors come with experience, knowledge and most of all the desire and creativity to keep kids excited about using their bodies and reaching new goals.

We encourage you to ask your children about the program and maybe even teach you a few moves. Fitness is surely not limited to the gym, and can be a regular part of conversation and activity in every home.

Allow yourself to be an inspiration and role model to your children and allow them to do the same for you!

Click here for more Family Fitness Ideas 

May 13 2014


Clubs at Camp J are an opportunity for our campers in Upper Camp (entering grades 2-4) to focus on activities that interest them the most.  

How do Clubs Work?

Clubs are an hour long, rotate every two weeks, and typically run 4 times per week. Children can choose to focus on their favorite activity throughout the summer or try different specialties every rotation.  Club options vary, offering traditional camp activities and special electives offered only to Upper Camp.

Club options include:

  • Art Club
  • Sports Leagues
  • Diving Club
  • Adventure Club
  • Drama Club
  • Music Club

You can also select these two AWESOME premium club options.

The Stables At Camp Jacobson

Horseback Riding Now Available on Campgrounds!

We are thrilled to announce a new partnership with our neighbors at CW Post Equestrian Center.  Enjoy an hour of quality instruction in a premier riding setting…with no commute!  Dates of participation will be based on the camp calendar and scheduled around trips and special events.  Parents will be notified of participation dates prior to the summer. 

3 Pack and 6 Pack Options Available.  Additional Fees Apply.  Long Pants and helmets are required. 

You Got Served

New and Improved Tennis Electives!

Our popular tennis elective is back in a new and improved location.  The setting is Sportime Roslyn, featuring 12 indoor Har-Tru clay tennis courts.  Campers that select this complimentary club will participate in SPORTIME's trademarked junior development program Kinetics, offering a complete menu of tennis programming for juniors in an environment that is safe and enriching.

Sport Time Tennis Elective Available Weeks 2 and 5 Only.  Families that register for both weeks will be registered for one and waitlisted for the other.  Children will still participate in tennis as part of the weekly schedule. 

For more info or to register for special electives, login to your CampMinder account, choose ‘Electives and Post Camp’ in your ‘Forms & Documents’, and select either ‘Tennis Elective’ or ‘Horseback Riding’.   Space is limited.  Register quickly before these popular programs close out!


Mar 14 2014

Camp J Fit Club



The first rule of CJ Fit Club is you must talk about CJ Fit Club!

Our focus on a fun, healthy camp experience continues!  Summer 2014 will see the transformation of our air-conditioned gymnastics studio into a state-of-the-art fitness center including multipurpose aerobic flooring, mirrored walls, youth spin bikes, and more!



Under the expert supervision of the fitness team at Sid Jacobson JCC, all CJ campers will have the opportunity to participate in fun-filled, age-appropriate fitness activities including:


Crossfit Kids:

A mix of gymnastics, calisthenics, and flexibility exercises designed to build functional strength and movement. 

Circuit Training:  

A series of aerobic exercises including music-filled bicycle spin classes and total-body workouts to help build strength and endurance. 



A combination of Latin and International music with a fun and effective workout system led by certified instructors.    


*CJ Fit Club is made possible through the generosity and support of The Sheldon A Sinnett Basics Fund, Ron Cohen and The Sid Jacobson JCC Auction for Excellence

Mar 07 2014

Your 2014 Menu

We know that active kids need a well-balanced diet to fuel them throughout the day.  As such, our menu offers kid-friendly fare with an emphasis on healthy ingredients and wholesome nourishment.  Here are some of the ways we adapt your child's favorite options to ensure meals at camp are both delicious and nutritious.

  • Our food is always kosher, ensuring the highest quality control and ethical cooking process
  • Our pasta dishes are prepared with whole wheat pasta
  • Our cookout includes Turkey Dogs and Veggie Burgers alongside traditional favorites
  • Our expanded salad bar is centrally located and features a revolving selection of healthy seasonal choices
  • Fruit is widely available and distributed throughout the day
  • We offer a gluten-free menu with delicious alternatives to meet every allergy need
  • Protein options are plentiful with a wide range of choices including turkey, salami, tuna, yogurt cups, soynut butter and more
  • A Food Allergist and Nutritionist are on staff to supervise food preparation and selections

We are a nut-free facility committed to creating a dining experience that helps shape young minds and bodies for success that extends far beyond the summer months.  


Mar 07 2014

Your 2014 Calendar

Summer 2014 will feature more trips, more overnights, more entertainers, more theme days and more to explore than ever before!  Take a look at our favorite highlights for this upcoming summer:

New Day Trips including:

Bounce!, Fire Island, Stand Up PaddleBoarding, Governors Comedy Club and more!

Returning Trip Favorites including:

Adventureland, Riverhead Aquarium, Country Fair, Splish Splash, Deep Sea Fishing, Ultimate Gaga, Mets Game and more!

Theme Days including:

80's Day, Futuristic Friday, Carnival, Goodwill Games, Luau Day, and more!

Entertainers including:

America's Got Talent Magician Elliot ZImet, Solo Circus, Party Hardy DJ, mainstages, and more!

New Overnights including:

Grades 3-4

  • 2 day, 1-night trip to Surprise Lake Camp (SESSION 4)

Grades 5-6

  • 2 day, 1-night trip to Great Wolf Lodge (SESSION 3)

Grades 7-8

  • 2-day, 1-night trip to Hershey Park (SESSION 3)
  • 3-day, 2-night trip to Boston, MA (SESSION 5)
  • 2-day, 1-night trip to Brownstone Park/Mystic, CT (SESSION 7)

With so much to explore, summer 2014 is sure to be full of adventure! 


* Please note that Camp Jacobson's travel camp will not attend Club Getaway this summer

*Trips Subject To Change

Feb 28 2014

Euro Bungee

Get ready for AWESOME EXHILIRATION at the newest addition to our adventure program! Offering the ability to entertain four people at a time at heights up to 25 feet, the euro bungee will be part of our exciting adventure rotation which already includes a climbing wall, low ropes course, and two zip lines.  Get ready to fly at Camp Jacobson!

Adventure Camp Bungee

How does it work?

  • Riders are safely harnessed and supervised by our expertly trained adventure staff to enjoy the ultimate jumping experience.
  • Bungee cords ensure that no one falls off of the trampoline.  As the rider jumps higher on the trampoline, the bungee cords contract and expand, gaining heights of up to 25 feet!
  • One of the appeals of the Euro Bungee is the secured jumping feature. Once jumpers gain height, many feel empowered to perform jumping tricks that they may not feel comfortable executing on a basic trampoline.


Feb 07 2014

New Go Karts

The 2014 upgrades continue at Camp Jacobson with all new, state-of-the-art Go Karts!

Introducing the Hammerhead MudHead, assembled and packaged right here in our very own United States of America. The MudHead comes equipped with a 208cc LCT electric-start engine as well as an additional backup pull-start. Other standard features include an adjustable driver’s seat with a manual choke underneath for all-weather starting, LED headlights, and smooth handling.

Our new Go-Karts will be a huge thrill this summer!   Our older campers have the opportunity to drive our race track and our younger campers are escorted by counselors, feeling the thrill of the wind through their hair. 

Jan 28 2014

Before & After Care

You spoke and we listened!  For families in need of extended childcare, we are proud to offer Before & After Care from 8AM-9AM and 4PM- 6PM at Camp Jacobson for summer 2014!  Program includes quality supervisors, specialty activities and projects, and additional snack in the afternoon.

Here’s how it works:

  • Parent drop off and pick up is required.
  • AM Care only - $60/week
  • PM Care only - $100/week
  • No additional fee for families that sign up for BOTH before and after care in lieu of bussing.

To sign up for this service or for additional information, login to your campminder account, click 'forms and documents', and select 'Before & After Care'.  Do not delay, this popular new program will fill up quickly!

Click here to login to your campminder account and sign up now!

Oct 18 2013

6 Ways Camp Makes You A Better School Student

Anyone who has ever been to camp knows that it is so much more than just fun and games!  See 6 ways how camp can help prepare children to be better school students!

1. You become an expert at bus rides!

camp bus

2. You learn independence!

day camp long island zipline

3. You know when to ask for help!

help at camp

4. You become more confident in front of others!

camp play mainstages

5. You engage all of your senses!

camp activities

6. School is more tolerable because you know camp is around the corner!

happy camper

Looking for more ways camp helps your child develop and grow? Check out the Camp Jacobson Difference!

Sep 11 2013

8 Reasons Why Being A Camp Counselor is The Best Job In The World!

As if you didn't already know...being a camp counselor is the BEST job in the world.  Here are 8 Reasons Why!

1. You are a local celebrity!

Summer Camp Jobs

2. You feel like the best athlete in the world!

staff sports camp

3. You get to play outdoors and enjoy the sun!

Lifeguards at camp

4. You don’t have to worry about a daily outfit!

counselor jobs long island

5. You have a reason to use those old costumes in your closet!

camp counselor fun

6. You get really good at giving high fives!

great camp jobs staff

7. Impromptu Dance Parties!

camp dance party

8. Most importantly, you help kids grow confidence and enjoy camp as much as you do!

Happy Staff and Happy Campers

What are you waiting for? 

Click here to apply to work at Camp Jacobson now!